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Financial Instituion

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Bank security guard is accountable for the safety and protection of the bank's employees and all assets. Contingent on the bank, the security guard may be expected to enforce the banks overall safety requirements.

Bank Security Guards will need to be vigilant to watch for potential threats of employees and customers. Bank security guard services will also need to investigate any suspicious behavior among the customers or employees to safeguard the financial assets of the branch.

Certain times a dissatisfied customer may become a threat, and the security guard will need to disseminate the situation. Security guards may also be required to know and enforce bank and federal safety regulations.

In the case of a robbery, the guard must know how to safeguard the customers and employees, and acts as a liaison between the police and the branch. Being a bank branch security guard can be a dangerous occupation, as often banks, especially those in large metropolitan areas, are targets for robberies. Guards are often the first person the robbers want to disarm and disable. If you are interested in protecting others and are not opposed to the potential dangers of the job, being a bank branch security guard may be the right career for you. Keep in mind that some banks hire security agencies to provide armed guards at branches, rather than hiring their own guards.

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