Construction Site

Construction Site

Construction Site Security

According to national data, approximately 1 billion dollars of construction theft occurs annually but only about 25% is recovered. Many construction locations are vulnerable to internal theft, vendor theft, or outside intruders, it is imperative that proper safety precautions are set in place to not become another statistic.

EES Security offers security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your project protection needs. We provide security services for construction locations whether it is a single-family dwelling or multimillion-dollar development at extremely competitive rates. Our construction site security guards are trained to exercise extreme vigilance and are held accountable by utilizing visitor and vendor login sheets to record all access to the construction site. We also have multiple different technology options to help with communicating directly with your onsite management team. We provide site specific supervisors per construction project to ensure that our guards are adhering to the client’s requirements.

Guard Your Construction Site with Construction Site Security Guard Services

Construction sites are the expensive work sector that are unfortunately very vulnerable tovehement issues. Whatever is being developed, there are expensive equipment, valuable data, and other notable costly possessions. However, there are other issues that are inconspicuous but can cause massive damage, due to:

  • Theft
  • Fire Watch
  • Construction Site Accident Prevention
  • Vandalism
  • Natural Catastrophe
  • Environmental Damage
  • PPE Site Entrance Checks
  • Access Control
  • Water Leak Patrol

Our 5 Step Onboarding Process

  • 1Schedule Complimentary Professional Consultation
  • 2Identify Vulnerabilities & Develop Goals for the Program
  • 3Submit Customized Proposal
  • 4Select & Introduce Security Personnel to Client
  • 5Commence Services

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